Clearing Your Space and Recycled Art

Recycled Art Contest III
Recycled Art Contest III

Spring Fever has finally arrived and the annual chores of clearing out all of the junk in the house and the garage are in full swing. While you’re tossing out what appears to be junk, use your creativity to imagine how some of these found objects can be turned into amazing works of art and fun decor. Check out some of these creative ideas that we found…

Creative Recycled Art, Architecture  and Design

Recycle Wax Crayons

Recycle Tin Cans

Recycled Light Bulbs

Recycle a Cereal Box into a Clever Clock

Tin Can Alley

Inspiring Empty Plastic Bottle Curtain Milk Bottle

LED Lights

Turn a Book into A Purse

I hope these creative links have given you a little inspiration to enter the Recycled Art Contest III.
You can get a Recycled Art Contest registration form here.

You can’t win, if you don’t enter!

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