Mosaic Renaissance a book by Laurel Skye

Creative inspiration is always at our finger tips. We can visit hundreds of places a day, with the hope that something will trigger our creativity for our next masterpiece.

Mosaic Renaissance: Millefiori in Mosaics by Laurel Skye

Mosaic Renaissance: Millefiori in Mosaics by Laurel Skye

There are quite a few artists that I yearn to emulate.  Not copy.

There’s a difference!

Last March, I took two mosaic tile classes from mosaic tile artist, Laurel Skye, in Arcata, California. Her work brings inspiration to my soul and warmth to my heart!

Laurel’s journey into the land of mosaic tile started with a mosaic tile toaster entered into a local Bagel Shoppe contest. Laurel won. The rest is history.

While we were there, Laurel was in the beginning stages of writing a book to share her extraordinary talent. She seemed to be a little nervous, I can see why. Teaching a class is much different than writing step by step instructions for, lets say 10 projects, with photos to match.

Well she did it!  Pre-orders for Laurel Skye’s new book are now on sale…

Mosaic Renaissance: Millefiori in Mosaics  are now on sale. Check it out.

Congrats Laurel! We wish you all the best.

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