New World of Marketing

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When you don't have time...we do!

As a creative company, we didn’t give much thought to the marketing education we would receive, when we decided to open 225 Water Street Creative Arts in the front of our building. Not only has it helped us to reevaluate our own marketing strategies, it’s really helped us to advise our corporate clients, so that they can continue on and prosper in a sea of confusion. The keyword at this turn in the road is TRUST!

If you can find a creative business partner that you can collaborate with that offers a simple marketing strategy that you can afford, you can expect to start seeing results in three months. The KISS theory is alive and well in the new world of marketing. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise…it’s all about rich content, not spreading yourself to thin and consistency.

Happy Holidays!

Mara Lee

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. – many people take credit for this quote so I’ll just leave it blank.

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