You’ve Gotta Love Vintage Valentines

Vintage Valentines
Be My Valentine!

While reminiscing with friends about our elementary school days…you remember those days of decorating a lunch bag for that anticipated and nerve wracking school Valentine party and greeting exchange.

Such an innocent time!

It dawned on me, at that moment, that I really should have saved those. So classic! I could have glued them to something;)

Maybe gone but not forgotten!

The evolution of the Valentine Greeting is really a romantic journey, through the eyes of some very sentimental and talented artists.

Valentine greetings go as far back as the Middle Ages, when lovers would sing or speak their  Valentine sentiment. It’s said that the written valentine began to appear in the 1400’s.

Back in the days of old, during Valentine’s golden age…sentiments were shared on elaborate penny postcards…you know that wonderful thick but smooth stock with the frayed edges.

So romantic!

But what mysteries surround St. Valentine?

Good News! The jury is still out, it can still be considered a politically correct holiday.

In 1850, Esther Howland, an American printer and artist was among the first to publish and sell Valentines in the US.

Other artists followed and the commercialization of Valentine’s Day was launched.

Retro Valentines
Hot Dog it's Valentine's Day

The formality of this art form moved to become kitschy cute and a little silly!  Warm cartoon characters of little boys and girls, inanimate objects, animals and the like.

Unfortunately, today our harmless and very sweet Valentine’s have been replaced by sponges that talk and things that turn into other things.

Personally, I long for a more simple happy time … hiding under my school desk during enemy attack drills;0 How strong were those desks? distracted sorry…I think funny things.

Wouldn’t it be fun to recreate a Valentine Day exchange at work? I think so.

With decorated bags, cookies and vintage Valentines…you never know, it could be fun!

Just think of what it would mean to all of those lonely souls  that never receive a Valentine.  Spread the love!

In closing…I don’t understand why Cupid was chosen to represent Valentine’s Day.  When I think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short, chubby toddler coming at me with a weapon;)

Love more than yesterday!

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