The Pros & Cons of Living in a Small Town

vintage building

On the street where we live.

A majority of the bullet points in the Pros And Cons Of Living In A Small Town are completely true … others …. not so much.

Preparation is key, when considering a move to a small town. Knowledge is power and would highly suggest attending a city council meeting or two … just to get your feet wet!  Shoulda, coulda, didn’t.

Understand up front that you will never, ever, ever and I mean never … feel like a part of the community and you will most certainly make more enemies than you will  friends.

Come to terms with the reality that there is absolutely nothing you can do to change things … small town folk think they own the place … isn’t that cute … you’re an intruder … get over it …  if something ever does change you may not live to see it.

SIDE BAR: Even though this appears to be a slam on small town living … it’s not … I love our vintage building and the quiet historic place where it stands.

Best advice we can give when making the move into a small town … mind your own business, surrender to being a topic of conversation every time you walk the dog, keep saying hello, even if they make a face (or ignore you) when you do, enjoy the quiet and think happy thoughts.

It’s easy enough, with practice … you just can’t let it get to you.

Besides, I love the solitude and beauty of this place and they’re not the boss of me.


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