39 Days Until Christmas…

Here’s a cool handmade holiday gift that you can finish in less than an hour. Provided you have the right supplies and not counting drying time. This is way easy!

Anticipation, anticipation.

As our blog is inching towards 20,000 visitors we wanted to celebrate the occasion with a fun little giveaway!

We are so grateful to all of the well wishers, supportive comments and even those annoying people that think we need Viagra:) So silly:)

With that being said…our 20,000th visitor will win a FREE Mosaic Tile Class (3hrs) your project or mine…or if you can’t make it to a mosaic tile class in Jordan, Minnesota…you’ll win our “NEW” Mosaic Tile book, once it’s available. Hopefully, late fall!

To qualify the winning visitor must comment to qualify…if the winner doesn’t comment…someone you has commented, along the way to our 20,000th visitor, will be chosen at random to win!

Family Reunion Idea

Looks like all you need is a good size image of a tree, with bare branches, a couple of ink pads (the thumb print pads in the photo are very chic) and some sharp pens. Really fun memento!