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It's not always black and white.

the Gang is doing really creative things, for a very diverse group of amazing clients…a lot to brag about…but boasting just makes people think that they can’t afford our creative, event and video production services… nothing could be further from the truth:)

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” — Maya Angelou

Button Maker, Social Bookmarks, Link Icons or Link Pictures?

Button Maker
The soul never thinks without a picture. - Aristotle

All describe what you’re looking for…but what are those little link pictures called?


A Chicklet is a small picture or icon that is placed on your website or blog…appears to be replacing the traditional text link.

Although these cool little images were initially used by bloggers…today these brilliant little icons go way beyond…People love pictures!

Admit it…if you see a button, image or icon on a website or a blog…your mouse will eventually hover over it to see where it takes you. More often than clicking on a text link, I presume.

Chicklets will catch a visitors eye…and invites them to click into all of the amazing online places you frequent.

Yes, you can certainly get creative and design your own Chicklets…but why bother.

All you have to do is decide which Social Bookmark, Link Icon, Button Maker or Chicklet icon set you want to call your very own!

Here are a few Free Social Bookmark places you can visit to create your very own Chicklets with ease. You can do it!

Free Icons For Your Desktop & Dock Icons

Chicklet Creator – Feed Subscription Button Maker

Free Social Bookmarking Icons

55+ Free High Quality Icon Sets

Cool and Free Social Media Bookmarks

Download 30 Sets of Social Media Icons

It’s so fun, you’ll find yourself smiling! Let me know how you do.


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What Matters Now is the work of more than 60 people with big ideas and something to say. It will inspire you to make some changes in and to keep doing work that matters.

The idea is simple: Each of us suggests one word — literally one word — that all of us should think about and then take one page to explain why and how that word matters. The result is an intriguing, inspiring, and at times downright moving collection of unconventional wisdom that is available free to everyone….Please download it!

What Matters Now.