Decoupage and Mosaic Tile

Mosaic Tile Glass Collage – Crash Glass-Decoupage

Decoupage was my first love and after attending a crash glass class using a 2-part epoxy … it got me thinking … why go to all the trouble of working with a toxic adhesives when you can do pretty much the same thing using a Weldbond.

Settled on a wooden trivet that was laying around.

Always amazed at how the items for my craft projects magically appear … most of the time anyway.

Feeling it!

While it’s wonderful that you can use watered down Elmer’s white glue for Decoupage … you need a stronger adhesive in this case to guarantee that the glass and tile will withstand grouting and just plain being a trivet.

crash glass project
laying out the design

After painting the trivet and letting it completely dry, I laid out the design so the quote showed through the glass properly and glued the papers directly onto the trivet. Don’t get carried away with the glue. Just brush on enough glue to attach the images. Let it dry and brush on a few more layers of glue, letting it dry each time.

When the papers were dry and perfectly sealed from layers of glue … I glued the tile border first, applying Weldbond to each tile piece and applied the glass by smearing Weldbond onto the back of each glass piece so it wouldn’t puddle and refuse to dry clear.

the secret is to let stuff dry

Once the piece is glued and completely dry, grout it to finish off the piece.

A great non-toxic glass collage and decoupage project, that anyone can do!

kinda wish I hadn’t sold this


Beautiful results with less mess than other epoxy crash glass methods.


surprise’s are good!



Glue of Choice

The Best Glue for the Job

Top 3 Adhesives

After trying all of the adhesives on the market these have to be my favorites.

E-60001. E-6000 my clear adhesive of choice, when working with glass on glass.

This is a toxic adhesive that is not recommended when working with children.

glued glass on glass sans grout
E-6000 is a great adhesive for glass on glass projects and so many more applications but … it’s very TOXIC and STINKY but it will permanently bond: wood; metal; glass; fiberglass; ceramic; leather; rubber; vinyl; and most plastics. Always work in a well ventilated area when using E-6000 and let it cure for a few minutes before gluing surfaces together.


Apply E-6000 directly to each surface to be bonded.

Note: E-6000 hardens by solvent evaporation and forms an immediate bond that is difficult to reposition after both adhesive coated surfaces are placed in contact with each other and sufficient pressure is exerted to establish full contact.

SPECIAL TIPS: To extend life of product, be sure cap is secured back to original position. Use a toothpick as a disposable applicator for very small applications such as beading. Remove, recap and allow plastic nozzle to dry. Remove dried product from nozzle by pulling out through threaded end and reuse nozzle.

SAFETY FIRST: You can never predict what glass will do when you are working with it. When gluing glass on glass with E6000 when it’s stuck … it’s really stuck. NEVER and I mean NEVER try to remove glass from glass, once it has set up with one of these glue. Always wear safety glasses!


2. Weldbond Adhesive – The Kid Friendly Glue

There are so many reasons why Weldbond is my adhesive of choice for indoor mosaic tile and found object art projects.


  1. It’s non-toxic and has no smell.
  2. Great for projects with kids.
  3. Weldbond dries clear … in most circumstances.
  4. Easy to remove mistakes
Weldbond says this about their wonder glue …. A unique product, WELDBOND is more than an adhesive. It’s also a powerful universal primer for porous surfaces. It’s a weather-proofer, dust-proofer, hardener, and bonding agent. Just mix WELDBOND with sawdust, grout, cement or plaster and be amazed at the tremendous strength this product! Non-toxic and dries clear making it a perfect adhesive to use when crafting with kids. Dries to a clear, flexible bond.
Weldbond works great on wood!
What you may want to consider when using Weldbond …
#1 Excess puddles of Weldbond will not dry clear so you will see it behind the glass. If that wasn’t the object then no problem.
#2 Suggest brushing Weldbond onto the glass pieces, carefully with your finger or paintbrush and secure them to the glass with a little wiggle … to help dry clear.
#3 With Weldbond you have a fighting chance of prying pieces off of the glass with the utmost of care … with E-6000 you don’t.

and then there’s Mastic

… available at home improvement & tile shops.

Mastic is a non-slip high performance, smooth spreading mortar formulated for interior installation of all types of ceramic wall & floor tile.
Mastic keeps things from slipping … especially good for terracotta, concrete, back-splashes and larger projects!
Don’t forget to clean up excess mastic around the edges.

mosaic tile adhesive

You Can Glue It but …

Patience, my dear.
I know you want to get’r done but in the end you’ll be thankful that you waited until it dried.
Trust me.

Mosaic Tile Garden Art
mastic works great on terracotta

Thanks for sticking around!

When in doubt…

read the directions.

The HeART of Handmade Gifts II

It takes more time to come up with a mosaic tile design than it does to glue it down.

Problem is the materials (go through your junk drawers and jewelry boxes) change as you go along … some pieces make the cut … others will not. This is not the time to get discouraged.

If I’m on a roll and the pieces are falling into place … it takes me about an hour to glue a single light switch cover.

If I’m not on a roll … I’ve already started gluing something else.

Gluing at Alice's - all rights reserved © 2013 Mara Lee
Gluing at Alice’s – all rights reserved © 2013 Mara Lee

The gypsy quote is a pendant that I’ve had since high school … and it went from there.

all rights reserved © 2013 Mara Lee
Deep with Dreams – all rights reserved © 2013 Mara Lee

added a little iridescent tile and a purple glass heart …

Gypsy Soul - all rights reserved Mara Lee
Deep with Dreams – all rights reserved Mara Lee

Going to glue ball and chain to the outer edge, after the grout dries.

Maybe you should too.

All you need is …

  • Heavy plastic light switch cover 69¢
  • Family Mementoes, Vintage China and Treasures that are lurking in drawers, cupboards and closets
  • Buy some fun #tiles and glass shapes
  • Weldbond or E6000 Adhesive
  • Tile Nipper and Safety Glasses

The HeArt of Handmade Gifts

The manner of giving is worth more than the gift. – Pierre Corneille

Start with a sturdy picture frame, any size, with a glass insert. This one is from Ikea.

Clean the glass and then glue the glass into the frame.  Let it dry.

Then … Carefully smear  Weldbond adhesive on the back of your bits and pieces.

You have some working time to move them around.

*You can use E6000 adhesive in a well ventilated area ... just don't get it on your fingers. E6000 is not recommended when working with children.

glass on glass

SMEAR being the operative word … and it should dry clear in a day or two.

Sometimes not … if you don’t smear.

Puddles of Weldbond  usually won’t dry clear. Kapeesh?

Let it dry for a day or two.

You can grout the piece, if you want to.

Since this one sits in the window … I prefer not to.


Because then it looks like this …


and the beat goes on … peace!

The Best Glue for Glass

All gung-ho to start this project and didn’t have any e6000 adhesive … tried to use clear Liquid Nails and Lexel … NOPE

all rights reserved © 2013 Mara Lee
all rights reserved © 2013 Mara Lee

Had to get in the car and track some down … checked Home Depot and Lowe’s but they don’t carry it … finally found it at Ace Hardware for a price.

Michael’s stocks e6000 but the tubes are small and expensive.

Check out the Etsy sellers that carry it … it’s a better deal and you help small biz owners.


The pieces fell into place quite nicely.

Just lovely, don’t you think?


On to the next thing …

Glass on Glass Vintage Window Project #2

Dragged this 10 panel vintage (yet very sturdy) window back from Orange, California. It measures 5′ x 2′ …  sturdy being the operative word … especially when you’re creating a large glass on glass mosaic for yourself.

*Cleaned it once, twice and a third time. Newspaper and Windex make quick work on vintage window glass.

I shouldn’t have to tell you but I will … when working with glass on glass mosaics … work in a really well ventilated area, wear shoes, safety glasses, have a First Aid Kit nearby and it’s not the project to do with the kids.

This window was probably hung the wide way over an old store front somewhere.

This window was from an old brick & mortar in Orange, Ca. 

First pass … the pieces magically fit into exactly the right spot … sans adhesive.

You don't find inspiration. It finds you.
You don’t find inspiration. It finds you. – Mara Lee

Wish I would have had the courage to glue it down, while I was laying it out.  Seriously … was my first thought … “glue it down now.” and I didn’t listenChicken!

With that said …

Final image once I  get this behemoth glued down.

Perfect first pass and not a single piece glued.
Perfect first pass and not a single piece glued.

Until then … remember all of those things that you said you we’re gonna do?

You should go do them.

giant glass explosion …

There is a humongous antique cupboard in my studio and it’s loaded to the brim (4 full shelves full) of vintage glass objects waiting for their intended projects.

My goal … 3 Glass on Glass windows by month’s end.

It’s kind of like putting a puzzle together …. except …. there isn’t a right way … or a wrong way … just your way:)  Bonus!

Glass on Glass Art Project Disclaimer:Try not to cut yourself, always wear safety glasses and pick a different project to do with the kids.

Using up some of my vintage glass.

Tip: Remember when gluing glass to glass with E6000 adhesive or clear Liquid Nails …  it sticks really quick and if you don’t catch the mistake fast … forget about it.

Kind of like a puzzle ... only there isn't really a right way to do it.

Laid it out, glued it down, let it dry and set it up.

One down … two to go.

Glass on Glass Project

Through the Looking Glass

The vintage window was a gift from my sister friend, Tilly Evan Jones … I think it sat around for a couple of years, until I finally decided to glue a bulk of my vintage glass collection to it.

It never ceases to amaze me how magically the pieces fit together and as an added bonus … it fit perfectly inside the guest bedroom window.

All you need is a sturdy window (or frame), mosaic tile & glass tools, safety glasses, vintage glass dishes (or otherwise), random glass pieces and e6000 adhesive to be glued in a well ventilated area.

FYI … Just so you know … when using e6000 adhesive … once you place the glass on the glass, you can shift it a bit but basically it’s over … live with it.

WARNING: ALWAYS wear safety glasses when cutting glass or tile and as a FYI … I do not recommend this project for kids.

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It’s Comforting To Know … Something’s Never Change

This may be a duplicate post but the question keeps coming up so I thought I’d cover it one more time.

FYI … You could just buy the book and all of your mosaic tile questions would be answered:)

  • Q: How much time do you have to set the pieces into the concrete before it dries?
  • A: It’s not concrete that is surrounding the pieces (for indoor projects) … It’s grout.

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Basic instruction for indoor mosaic tile construction:

  • Cut pieces to size … Always wear safety glasses when cutting!
  • Glue pieces to the prepared surface using Weldbond or Mastic
  • Let the glued pieces dry for at least 24 hours
  • Prepare grout according to instructions
  • Grout the piece
  • Clean off the excess grout
  • Dispose of unused grout properly … meaning not down the drain
  • Let dry … Polish the grout haze as needed
  • Seal dried piece with grout sealer

Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler. – Albert Einstein


Mosaic Tile Garden

terracotta pot crafts
Pieces won't lie flat? Cut them smaller.

What are you going to do with all of those terracotta pots that you have laying around?

It only takes a few hours to create a single mosaic tile flower pot or … go nuts and mosaic tile a bunch of clay pots to create a mosaic tile totem pole for the garden.

Terracotta and clay objects offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes to create amazing mosaics!


  • Before gluing, clean the pots out with soap and water. Let them dry.
  • Seal the inside and outside of the pot with a water-based polyurethane … or a couple of coats of Weldbond adhesive. Let it dry between coats and make sure the piece is completely dry before tiling. If you don’t seal it it will eventually start falling apart.
  • Use the proper adhesive — waterproof/weatherproof mastic or silicone.
  • Grout with a sanded grout that is mix with a grout additive (instead of water) for flexibility.
  • Seal the grout with grout sealer, once it’s dry.
  • Reseal the outside of the piece with grout sealer, once a year,  especially if the piece is exposed to the elements or water.

Totem Pole
# of pots to use ... 5/6/7 ? Think weight!

Mosaic Tile Totem Pole Instructions

  1. Prepare clay pots with similar size drainage holes.
  2. Glue mosaic tile materials to pots. Let dry.
  3. Grout mosaic tile pots. Let dry.
  4. Seal pots with grout sealer. Let dry.
  5. Glue clay pots together as shown. (May need to insert the pole first)
  6. Glue the stacked pots to the bottom of the saucer to protect the bottom pot.
  7. Insert a piece of re-bar or heavy pole into the holes of the pots. If you haven’t already.
  8. Secure pole with … well … It’s a MacGyver thing.
  9. Stick in garden.
  10. Bring in when cold weather hits.

mosaic tile store

Finishing What I Start

My normal mosaic tile process is selecting the base, gathering the materials, gluing them down, waiting 24 hours and grouting.

Mosaic Tile Form
After 9 months ... pretty sure it's dry.

“Perky Woman”

Glued: Summer of 2010
Grouted: February 3, 2011

I think life is what happened while I was making other plans.  Wonder why I waited so long, she’s beautiful.  Available on our Etsy store.

Tile tip … if  you glue the tile pieces really close together … you don’t have to grout.

Very few materials were needed … just a enormous amount of patience gluing the same color over and over and over again :)

Love the feeling of stepping back and just gazing.

mosaic tile woman
Measures approx 23"x18" • Weight 5 lbs.

The right tools for the job.

Lighten up ... cutting takes practice.

If one of your resolutions is to bring more creativity into your life, think Pique Assiette Mosaic Tile!

Due to its random nature, anyone can do it!

Really, you’re just gluing stuff to other stuff.  Besides, it can be a very cheap hobby … or not. Depends on how obsessed you become.

Just find a space to call your own and start stocking it with the right tools, materials and adhesives to get started with Making Mosaics with Found Objects.

Start small and you’ll grow from there … believe me.

don't forget the grout

#1 Wheeled Glass Nippers have a set of disc shaped wheels on spring-loaded handles. They should be used to cut glass, mirror, glass tiles, and the like in a manner similar to tile nippers. Replacement wheels are sold separately.

#2 Mosaic Tile Cutter are designed for cutting ceramic tiles, crockery and china. Better tile nippers have tungsten-carbide cutting edges and spring-loaded handles.

#3 Weldbond Adhesive, Mastic and Grout

Always good to have nearby:

  • Small Penny Hammer
  • Wire Cutter
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Self-closing tweezers (a little more expensive than regular tweezers but well worth the investment.) Make sure to keep them glue free!
  • Toothpicks or wooden skewers
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Paper Towel

Our Mosaic Tile Studio Package can be found on our website.

Mosaic Tile Tools

Now all you need is a base and some materials.