Wonders Never Cease

Hippies Use Side Door
Who says people don’t read or follow directions!

Closing the brick & mortar must have given me all the inspiration I needed to learn how to build my online shop. Bye, bye Etsy … it’s been real.

Besides, it took Sylvester Stallone 10 years to get Rocky on the big screen. I beat him by 2 years. Insert me patting myself on the back here. I did it!

Watch for NEW items added daily and hope you’ll check it out @ www.225waterstreet.com

Buying something and/or sharing the shop with family and friends is a bonus and always appreciated!


Have a great night!

The Big Kitchen Renovation of 2012

After a year of historic renovation, the dust still settles everyday it’s just less.

Not for the faint at heart;)-

The kitchen has to one of my favorite rooms … there was so much riding on it.  Read more ….

Blessings to our band of brothers @ Tom Barsness Construction … you guys rock!

Four brothers and each of them with a different area of expertise. Amazing craftsman!

Did what they said they were going to do only better! Over the Top!

Wait until you see the deck!

Remembered to take Before Photos!
Remembered to take Before Photos!

Don’t Miss our Storewide Clearance and Flea Market!

flea market
When women are depressed, they eat or go shopping. Men invade another country. It's a whole different way of thinking. ~Elayne Boosler

Join us on Saturday, June 26th (8am-6pm) and Sunday, June 27th (10am-5pm) for our “first ever”…

Store-wide Clearance & Outdoor Flea Market

225 Water Street Creative Arts is located at ...225 Water Street in Jordan, Minnesota.

Jordan is just 25 minutes south of Minneapolis, on highway 169 south. Take exit 21 into town;) Water Street is 2 blocks past the light…take a right.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Jordan Art Festival will be taking place, that same weekend, so park on an adjacent street as Water Street will be closed.

You won’t believe what you’ll find here.


30% off
Good for in-store purchases only.

Print out the coupon, you’re gonna need it:)