It’s Comforting To Know … Something’s Never Change

This may be a duplicate post but the question keeps coming up so I thought I’d cover it one more time.

FYI … You could just buy the book and all of your mosaic tile questions would be answered:)

  • Q: How much time do you have to set the pieces into the concrete before it dries?
  • A: It’s not concrete that is surrounding the pieces (for indoor projects) … It’s grout.

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Basic instruction for indoor mosaic tile construction:

  • Cut pieces to size … Always wear safety glasses when cutting!
  • Glue pieces to the prepared surface using Weldbond or Mastic
  • Let the glued pieces dry for at least 24 hours
  • Prepare grout according to instructions
  • Grout the piece
  • Clean off the excess grout
  • Dispose of unused grout properly … meaning not down the drain
  • Let dry … Polish the grout haze as needed
  • Seal dried piece with grout sealer

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