Goodbye Already

at least I have a great desk chair


The year was 1984 … I bought my first MAC computer.

In 1991, I logged on to AOL for the first time as HapBabe … what was I thinking?  ;)

In those days, there wasn’t anyone to teach you how, websites started at $25,000, and if you were smarter than the average bear … you’re probably a billionaire right now.

Started designing websites back in 2005. I loved using iWeb and still wonder why Apple junked it.

Aside from the hours that it took to update the website on GoDaddy, it was a seamless, straightforward and a very satisfying process for a creative soul. The best part was knowing that I could fix most issues on my own.

First Apple MAC
First Apple MAC 1984

When Apple quit supporting iWeb, I had to find another way to design a website and it’s been a very enlightening …. blessed I still have my hair … experience.

My intent was to blend this blog with my main website, find a great theme to design, self host through GoDaddy using the WordPress platform. You are reading my free WordPress Blog Circa 2009.

Web Experience Disclaimer … I am not a web developer but I can consider myself a web designer and when I need an answer I’ll visit the WordPress forums, watch video tutorials on web design, take classes on and always read and follow the directions.

In the hopes of getting it right the first time, and knowing that there is no free lunch, I attached a budget to my web design project.

It’s been over 2 years and no this doesn’t happen to everyone … just my website.

I purchased three different website themes, taught myself how to set them up and then … I dismembered them all due to glitches that never showed themselves until I was almost done.  Thankfully … they were all returned for credit without a hitch. Education is not Cheap!

You would think that it ended there but noooooo …. I heard a small voice in my head say … “when the world says give up, hope whispers … give it one more try” … so … I purchased the theme of themes and worked through the tutorials at a snails pace for accuracy. Clicked publish to find out that the image gallery settings didn’t work and that was my favorite part. Maybe they work now … I could care less. WordPress said the files were missing and the theme author didn’t have time to chat.

I’m not new, you know. This isn’t rocket science. It’s self hosting gone wrong. Guess I should have checked the image gallery settings first. My bad.

Not a quitter  … I went back to using a free WordPress theme for the website and it’s going to be what it is … until it isn’t.

Giving myself high marks for hanging in there and if all of that wasn’t bad enough … when I switched to a NEW theme for this free blog … tons and I mean tons of my images … that have rested here since 2009 … just disappeared.

The one saving grace, to all of this nonsense, … I’ve been known to design a website or two and NOT ONE of those websites have a single issue. Hmmm.

It may be time to read the writing on the wall.

Blue Skies and Safe Travels!

Just needed a little fresh air.
Fresh air always helps.

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Funneled our creative resources into a more simplistic and organized form:)

Here’s to making our online life easier to manage:)

Now, where are my keys?

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“Early in my career I felt that organization would destroy my creativity. Whereas now, I feel the opposite. Discipline is the concrete that allows you to be creative.”-Verna Gibson