Creation of thought.

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Ideas are like wandering sons. They show up when you least expect them. ~Bern Williams

Wouldn’t you be more apt to share your creative ideas, if you didn’t have to worry about negative reaction? Nothing squashes creativity more than having a co-worker ridicule your idea or worse yet … steal your thought and call it their own.

Collaborative brainstorming can be extremely intimating in certain corporate settings and don’t even get me started about the number of meetings it takes to just get an idea started. Been there, done that … it was painful and frustrating.

While researching how the new world is fighting to creatively collaborate, I ran across an article of interest…The 23 Reasons Why Nothing Happens After a Brainstorming Session. Bet we could all add a little something to the list.

It’s truly an art to be able to bring a creative idea to life. We’re very blessed with a job that allows us the freedom to create our thoughts, from start to finish. Sure we’ve had our ideas pilfered, but hey, isn’t that suppose to be a compliment? I suppose it depends on how evolved you are.

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"loving, teasing affection." ~ Julie Andrews

Our situation is a very creative “safe place”. There are no stupid ideas. There may be laughter, and at times ridicule, but it’s all in good fun. Many of the really clunky ideas take us on a path that will give us the final creation. You just never know.

So, what’s the difference between a creative person or a creative producer?

Creative people think of a million great ideas and leave them there to turn into a should have. Creative producers create the idea and take the action road needed to bring the idea to life.

Trust me, bringing creative ideas to life takes hard work, courage and stamina. It doesn’t happen overnight. You have to dig deep to keep telling yourself that your hard work and patience will ultimately bring your ideal vision to life.  Simply put, you can’t give up on it, you have to push progress forward.

Contrary to popular belief, the number one obstacle for creative producers is self doubt. In fact, no matter how confident they may look on the outside, research shows that other people nearly always think more highly of them than they do of themselves. Indeed, they are their own worst critics.

So what does that make you?

Questions, we ask ourselves.

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When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money. ~Susan Heller

Our last production event, an eleventh hour decision, made the organization process for the trip as smooth as silk. There really was no time, for panic:)

Besides, Rob is a genius creator with extraordinary organizational skills. Not only does he produce amazing things, he cooks, does laundry like my dry cleaner and could easily show the Gap how to fold their tee shirts.

Who says guys can’t multitask?

Collectively, we decided that we would hit the road, instead of the air, and try to find a few “vacation” days along the way. Deservedly so, after working one solid year, 10-16 hours a day…everyday. Blessings abound…but we needed a break.

After every trip and I mean every trip…I vow to teach myself how to pack everything I need in a carry on that I don’t have to check on a plane. Honestly, that hasn’t happened yet…and yes I am one of those people that had to pay extra for overweight luggage, before it was chic.

Before leaving on a moments notice, for a three-week road trip made the packing process a real challenge, for me. As a person that needs to bring ALL of her stuff…this was a true test. But wait…no plane, just a truck…so why was I worried? Even with the equipment we needed to bring, I had loads of room. Whoo hoo! Nobody is the boss of me!

Not to bore you with details…with two days to decide, I filled a large suitcase (not really bulging…but I would have had to pay the airline at least $50), a beach bag (wishful thinking) with to many pairs of shoes and my pillow. Everything was black and white; so I didn’t have to worry…I’m sure that they have stores there that sell clothes of color:)

#1 Question I ask myself – Why do I always pack to much stuff?

Using this post as a catalyst…it is my vow to continue to aspire to pack a suitcase, as Grace Kelly did when spending the weekend with Jimmy Stewart in the film Rear Window {Alfred Hitchcock}…the image of her packing abilities has rested in my mind, since the first time I saw the film, and is a clip from the movie that I wait for.  The kiss is good too…but the overnight bag gets me every time.

P.S. My pillow is somewhere in Utah.

What is a Producer?

Good question!

Still one of the world’s greatest unanswered questions.       

While there isn’t really a set job description for this commanding position, it’s still a mystery to people all over the world.

It’s hard to grasp the understanding of the the wide array of creative solutions and marketing goals that can be accomplished by simply hiring an experienced Event Producer for your next meeting, event or video production. Experienced producers organize and manage your projects with a relaxed nature, creative thought, precision vendor negotiations and technical skills.

An Event Producer will simplify your life and manage all of the logistics of your meeting, event or video production, including, but not limited to, creative concepting, theme development, graphic design, print materials, venue selection, event planning & management, script writing, content development, show-flow, video production, venue support, staging, decor, special effects,technical staff, non-technical staff, while still finding time to manage budgets and talent.

Based on the the list of huge responsibilities that a superior corporate event producer is capable of, you’ll find yourself delighted with the valuable resources and capabilities that you discover as something you’ll never do without again.

However, please keep in mind that no two producers handle the position in the same way and the more experience that an Event Producer has, will determine the level of quality resources they can bring to the table.

Here’s what to look for in an experienced Show and Event Producer:

1. The producer asks questions about your past event success, corporate branding and marketing campaigns
2. Listens but offers creative solutions to streamline your process and exceed your goals, within your budget.
3. Provides creative ideas, creative concepts, theme development, content management and visual production
4. Provides one stop event planning, event production and event management resources and services
5. Graphic creative design services for brand communications and marketing support
6. Printing & mailing resources and management, if applicable
7. Video production, video editing, animation and special effects
8. Storyboard, script writing and show-flow development
9.  Sponsor recognition concepts and creative ideas
10. Stage design, prop development or rental
11. Coordinate, negotiate and manage Audio-Visual (sound, lights and audio) gear, gear provider and technicians
12. Technical direction and management of event staff
13. Works directly with you and doesn’t pass off the work to assistants
14. Schedules production meetings and rehearsals ( Recommends venue locations based on your needs)
15. Attends site survey of venue selection to solidify technical and non-technical needs and expectations
16. Technical coordination of AV equipment (staging, sound, lights, projections & screen(s) & technician direction and management
17. Camera crew coordination video and static, direction and management
18. Labor coordination, direction and management
19. If applicable, Satellite broadcast coordination, direction and management
20. Auction coordination, direction and management
21. Music and graphic arts libraries
22. Voice Over Resources
23. Talent and Entertainment Coordination, Direction and Management
24. Post show marketing and duplication resources
25. A great show producer will always answer their phone, unless they are on show site.

Behind the scenes…

Video production
It's not always black and white.

the Gang is doing really creative things, for a very diverse group of amazing clients…a lot to brag about…but boasting just makes people think that they can’t afford our creative, event and video production services… nothing could be further from the truth:)

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” — Maya Angelou