Through the Looking Glass

The vintage window was a gift from my sister friend, Tilly Evan Jones … I think it sat around for a couple of years, until I finally decided to glue a bulk of my vintage glass collection to it.

It never ceases to amaze me how magically the pieces fit together and as an added bonus … it fit perfectly inside the guest bedroom window.

All you need is a sturdy window (or frame), mosaic tile & glass tools, safety glasses, vintage glass dishes (or otherwise), random glass pieces and e6000 adhesive to be glued in a well ventilated area.

FYI … Just so you know … when using e6000 adhesive … once you place the glass on the glass, you can shift it a bit but basically it’s over … live with it.

WARNING: ALWAYS wear safety glasses when cutting glass or tile and as a FYI … I do not recommend this project for kids.

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