Kisses are Sweeter Than Whine

first kiss My first kiss was a boy named Dean, in Kindergarten … we were waiting in line at the drinking fountain and all I really remember was that he had mustard on his shirt.

Not much later … someone, probably my dad, told me that if I kissed someone my lips would really swell up and everyone would know.  Took me awhile to work through that lie … even though it was mean, it proved to be very effective.

Then there was that kiss that caused me to run to the mall to see Anthony Geary after Luke finally kissed Laura on General Hospital.

My favorite kiss of all time has to be the photograph of the Famous Kiss of 1945.

In trying to get our own way, we should remember that kisses are sweeter than whine.

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A man snatches the first kiss, pleads for the second, demands the third, takes the fourth, accepts the fifth – and endures all the rest.  ~Helen Rowland

Making Memories

mdf heartWhile dusting … for a change … I noticed all of the handmade gifts that we still have out in the open.

Some treasures are tough to hide away.

I love the feeling I get when I look at them, remembering the day they were given to me. Warms my heart.

If you haven’t done an art project with the kids lately … you should.  Take an hour and help them create something handmade for someone they love this Valentine’s Day. You still have time!

We’re going to be making Mosaic Tile Valentine Hearts today with wood heart shapes and heart picture frames.

Always excited to see where it goes!

Have a great day.