giant glass explosion …

There is a humongous antique cupboard in my studio and it’s loaded to the brim (4 full shelves full) of vintage glass objects waiting for their intended projects.

My goal … 3 Glass on Glass windows by month’s end.

It’s kind of like putting a puzzle together …. except …. there isn’t a right way … or a wrong way … just your way:)  Bonus!

Glass on Glass Art Project Disclaimer:Try not to cut yourself, always wear safety glasses and pick a different project to do with the kids.

Using up some of my vintage glass.

Tip: Remember when gluing glass to glass with E6000 adhesive or clear Liquid Nails …  it sticks really quick and if you don’t catch the mistake fast … forget about it.

Kind of like a puzzle ... only there isn't really a right way to do it.

Laid it out, glued it down, let it dry and set it up.

One down … two to go.

Glass on Glass Project

la salle de bains

and for all the boys ... I aim to keep this bathroom clean. Your aim will help!

This may sound odd but I’m trying to attract a new bathroom into my life.

I’ve never had a brand new bathroom and even though it’s physically impossible to have my very own, I’ll just go with new.

But let’s just say that I had the room for my very own bathroom … what then?

Well, the toilet seat would always be down and the toilet paper roll would always face the proper direction.

Ahhh … treasure life’s little moments:)

toilet paper