Historic Building For Sale

Rare Opportunity!

Brick & Mortar For Sale

225 Water Street | Jordan | Minnesota | 55352 | Click here for full listing

Fully Restored – Mixed Use

Only 30 Minutes South of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota

Originally Lebans Harness Shop | Circa 1870 | Historic Register

Two Story – Total Square Footage – 4,534 sq. ft.

Retail-Office  | Luxury Home | Full Basement  | 1 1/2 Bath | 2 Bedrooms

mosaic tile and recycled crafts

On Frozen Pond

Breathing in nature, even in the dead of winter … have to!

Winter in Minnesota
Mill Pond • Jordan MN • January 2011


Searching for the Beryllium Sphere

Found ourselves laughing over coffee this morning after we realized our experience of living in the small town of Jordan closely resembles this clip from Galaxy Quest. Enjoy!