Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Custom Ceramic Tile The elation of selling one of my mosaic tile pieces is always followed by a little sadness.

Strange but true.

While packing a few pieces for shipping, I once again had to reassure myself that these pieces are going to a good home where they will be loved.

Seems silly as I write this … they’re just random bits and pieces with my soul attached … no biggie.

I could try to make an exact copy of the piece … one for me and one for you … but I never have and I probably never will.

Besides … you can’t have everything … where would you put it?

Off to the post and grateful that I’m not a dog breeder:)

Happy Monday!

Putting the Pieces Back Together

Matilda’s Birdland

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Scheduled to be completed this week.

We’ll see how it goes.


Found By Chance

Recycled Art
Northern California 2010

According to Wikipedia…

Found Object” usually refers to a small object found by chance which, though usually of little monetary value, captures the imagination of the finder and is therefore kept as a keepsake. Perhaps it is a penny or an unusual stone or even a pretty piece of metal. Often found just “on the ground,” it is kept as a curiosity or even a good luck charm. Found Objects are often associated with a special memory or an important time in a person’s life. The connotations of mystery about where it came from, the feeling that it is a lucky or providential occurrence, and the sense that it is simply a “free gift from the world” or “from nowhere” can add to the sense of wonder or magic surrounding a found object. A “found object” may stand alone or may form the basis for a collection.


If that’s what you call little objects everywhere…it can become a sickness, if you’re not careful.

In the Pique Assiette style of mosaic tile, we create with found objects all the time. It’s funny how a little figurine, vintage piece of china or a unique bottle cap can inspire an incredible piece of Found Object Art.

Creative inspiration is a fleeting experience. That must be why I’m always flipping through the pages of my favorite found object art books.

Found Object Art by Dorothy Spencer is eye candy for the creative soul. Check it out!

Found Object Artists

Garbage Pickers Unite

Recycling of found objects is taken to the level of art form is this creative book-an homage to the wondrous world of artists who create extraordinary objects from what were once very ordinary things. Inside are hundreds of examples showing trash transformed into fascinating sculpture, collages, furniture, jewelry, and clothing — some items functional, some not.

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