Mosaic Tile Garden

terracotta pot crafts
Pieces won't lie flat? Cut them smaller.

What are you going to do with all of those terracotta pots that you have laying around?

It only takes a few hours to create a single mosaic tile flower pot or … go nuts and mosaic tile a bunch of clay pots to create a mosaic tile totem pole for the garden.

Terracotta and clay objects offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes to create amazing mosaics!


  • Before gluing, clean the pots out with soap and water. Let them dry.
  • Seal the inside and outside of the pot with a water-based polyurethane … or a couple of coats of Weldbond adhesive. Let it dry between coats and make sure the piece is completely dry before tiling. If you don’t seal it it will eventually start falling apart.
  • Use the proper adhesive — waterproof/weatherproof mastic or silicone.
  • Grout with a sanded grout that is mix with a grout additive (instead of water) for flexibility.
  • Seal the grout with grout sealer, once it’s dry.
  • Reseal the outside of the piece with grout sealer, once a year,  especially if the piece is exposed to the elements or water.

Totem Pole
# of pots to use ... 5/6/7 ? Think weight!

Mosaic Tile Totem Pole Instructions

  1. Prepare clay pots with similar size drainage holes.
  2. Glue mosaic tile materials to pots. Let dry.
  3. Grout mosaic tile pots. Let dry.
  4. Seal pots with grout sealer. Let dry.
  5. Glue clay pots together as shown. (May need to insert the pole first)
  6. Glue the stacked pots to the bottom of the saucer to protect the bottom pot.
  7. Insert a piece of re-bar or heavy pole into the holes of the pots. If you haven’t already.
  8. Secure pole with … well … It’s a MacGyver thing.
  9. Stick in garden.
  10. Bring in when cold weather hits.

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