Questions, we ask ourselves.

list for travel
When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money. ~Susan Heller

Our last production event, an eleventh hour decision, made the organization process for the trip as smooth as silk. There really was no time, for panic:)

Besides, Rob is a genius creator with extraordinary organizational skills. Not only does he produce amazing things, he cooks, does laundry like my dry cleaner and could easily show the Gap how to fold their tee shirts.

Who says guys can’t multitask?

Collectively, we decided that we would hit the road, instead of the air, and try to find a few “vacation” days along the way. Deservedly so, after working one solid year, 10-16 hours a day…everyday. Blessings abound…but we needed a break.

After every trip and I mean every trip…I vow to teach myself how to pack everything I need in a carry on that I don’t have to check on a plane. Honestly, that hasn’t happened yet…and yes I am one of those people that had to pay extra for overweight luggage, before it was chic.

Before leaving on a moments notice, for a three-week road trip made the packing process a real challenge, for me. As a person that needs to bring ALL of her stuff…this was a true test. But wait…no plane, just a truck…so why was I worried? Even with the equipment we needed to bring, I had loads of room. Whoo hoo! Nobody is the boss of me!

Not to bore you with details…with two days to decide, I filled a large suitcase (not really bulging…but I would have had to pay the airline at least $50), a beach bag (wishful thinking) with to many pairs of shoes and my pillow. Everything was black and white; so I didn’t have to worry…I’m sure that they have stores there that sell clothes of color:)

#1 Question I ask myself – Why do I always pack to much stuff?

Using this post as a catalyst…it is my vow to continue to aspire to pack a suitcase, as Grace Kelly did when spending the weekend with Jimmy Stewart in the film Rear Window {Alfred Hitchcock}…the image of her packing abilities has rested in my mind, since the first time I saw the film, and is a clip from the movie that I wait for.  The kiss is good too…but the overnight bag gets me every time.

P.S. My pillow is somewhere in Utah.


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