Tiki on Water Street

Tiki Bar

A Tiki statue that was given to us, as a house warming gift, has now been moved for the 3rd time. It’s residing in the corner of the new shade garden. Unfortunately, this is one of those gifts that will be missed, if it’s not there.  We don’t want to hurt feelings.

Personally, his teeth scare me and I have been unable to find his likeness or story online.

I’m going to go with Tāne, the God of forests and of birds.

Funny thing is, in the short time he’s been resting there, the heaviness of the building next store has lightened. It use to be the mortuary…back in the day.

Wanted to do a “Free to a Good Home”…but now he has to stay. I’m going to buy him a tree.

I wonder if he’ll stop people from using that side of the building for a room to rest.


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