Creation of thought.

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Ideas are like wandering sons. They show up when you least expect them. ~Bern Williams

Wouldn’t you be more apt to share your creative ideas, if you didn’t have to worry about negative reaction? Nothing squashes creativity more than having a co-worker ridicule your idea or worse yet … steal your thought and call it their own.

Collaborative brainstorming can be extremely intimating in certain corporate settings and don’t even get me started about the number of meetings it takes to just get an idea started. Been there, done that … it was painful and frustrating.

While researching how the new world is fighting to creatively collaborate, I ran across an article of interest…The 23 Reasons Why Nothing Happens After a Brainstorming Session. Bet we could all add a little something to the list.

It’s truly an art to be able to bring a creative idea to life. We’re very blessed with a job that allows us the freedom to create our thoughts, from start to finish. Sure we’ve had our ideas pilfered, but hey, isn’t that suppose to be a compliment? I suppose it depends on how evolved you are.

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"loving, teasing affection." ~ Julie Andrews

Our situation is a very creative “safe place”. There are no stupid ideas. There may be laughter, and at times ridicule, but it’s all in good fun. Many of the really clunky ideas take us on a path that will give us the final creation. You just never know.

So, what’s the difference between a creative person or a creative producer?

Creative people think of a million great ideas and leave them there to turn into a should have. Creative producers create the idea and take the action road needed to bring the idea to life.

Trust me, bringing creative ideas to life takes hard work, courage and stamina. It doesn’t happen overnight. You have to dig deep to keep telling yourself that your hard work and patience will ultimately bring your ideal vision to life.  Simply put, you can’t give up on it, you have to push progress forward.

Contrary to popular belief, the number one obstacle for creative producers is self doubt. In fact, no matter how confident they may look on the outside, research shows that other people nearly always think more highly of them than they do of themselves. Indeed, they are their own worst critics.

So what does that make you?


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