Do you dream of becoming?

Becoming an author
We should not only use the brains we have, but all that we can borrow. ~Woodrow Wilson

The fascination and fear of sharing our thoughts through the written word has evolved beyond anything I could ever imagine. How horrific it must be for those of us that loathe writing (and typing), who are forced to accept it as a preferred form of communication.

Day in and day out, we choose to sit ourselves down to maintain (or further) our proverbial place online. Unfortunately for business folk, being absent for just a few days can take weeks of hard work to recover an online placement. If you don’t think you lose your spot, think again. Makes you a little melancholy remembering the good old days of Yellow Page advertising, doesn’t it?

So what does this have to do with becoming an author? Absolutely everything!

It’s the only reason I have been honored to author my “Mosaic Tile Using Found Object” DIY book with  Stackpole Books (FYI … just received the final layout of the book the other day. Word has it that it will go to press in a couple of weeks!  Scary fun!

In the beginning of my online education, I admit researching the creation and sale of a mosaic tile e-book and I will even admit that I considered self-publishing my book at $15 per copy.  Looking back, it’s a good thing that I was way to busy learning how to do everything needed to succeed online and … viola’, they found me!  Guess I won the battle for now, in carving out a first place spot in the mosaic tile niche. What was once a hobby is now the better side of a part-time career and as a bonus I can call myself a published author. Beats the heck out of tooting my own horn! Which as it appears, I have no problem doing.

A word to the wise:  If you are not sharing your passion on a daily basis, no one (but family and friends) will know that you have one.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, that means you have to commit to being present “everyday” online or find someone you can trust to do it for you.

If you are not interested in being found or selling anything, please disregard this message.


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