39 Days Until Christmas…

holiday crafts
Quit screwing around... you've only got (16) or ... 39 days

16 Days until Hanukkah…

Got Gifts?

Me neither.

Here’s a cool holiday gift that you can finish in less than an hour … plus drying time. 

  • Clear Glass Tile | Rectangle or Square
  • Mod Podge (or Weldbond Adhesive)
  • E6000 Adhesive – Michael’s has it in cool tubes
  • Scissors – this may be the hardest thing to find
  • Your preferred image cut to size of the Clear Glass Tile
  • Jewelry Bail – have seen these at Michael’s too!
  • Iron Ball Chain – available at all hardware or home improvement stores
Clear Glass Tiles
Crystal Clear Glass Tiles
  1. Select your images…use actual photos, magazine clipping or a laser copy of your image. (FYI…Inkjet copies smear.)
  2. Reduce image if needed and cut the image to fit the clear glass tile.
  3. Seal the image {before applying to clear glass tile} with a thin coat of Mod Podge or Weldbond….or spray sealer if you have some. Keeps it from smearing later on.
  4. Let image dry a bit.
  5. Using Mod Podge or Weldbond…glue the image face down on the back of the clear glass tile. FYI…Image needs to be glued so you can see it through the glass.
  6. Gently press the image into place and remove excess adhesive.
  7. Make sure all the edges are smooth.
  8. Let it dry a bit and finish it off by sealing the back with Mod Podge or Weldbond. Multiple layers are a good thing. Just let it dry in between coats.
  9. If needed, gently sand any rough edges excess glue off of the glued side, once it is dry.
  10. Once it’s dry … glue the jewelry bail to the back of the glass tile, E6000 or a strong craft glue.
  11. Let it dry. Overnight is good.
  12. Add a length of iron ball chain, available at all hardware and home stores.
  13. and … It’s a wrap!


glass necklace
Glue image and Bail...let dry. Add a chain. Done!

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