Plaster of Paris

Dixie Cup CraftsSometimes you stumble on things that bring back such fond memories.

Mine are Dixie Cups filled with wet Plaster of Paris.

It’s fun reliving moments of childhood, especially the idea of crafting with my brother.

Come to think of it, we argued over the blue Dixie cups, all the time.

We would slip between the houses and borrow flowers from the neighbors side yard, to complete our project.

Now I need to figure out why my mother even had Plaster of Paris. I think she knitted once.

Plaster of Paris is out there … had to check it out.

History seems to indicate that, despite the name, Plaster of Paris was invented by the Egyptians.

If my family is reading this, Plaster of Paris will be joining us at our holiday party:)



3 thoughts on “Plaster of Paris”

  1. My dad used Plaster of Paris once when I was a kid and I wanted to get my hands in there. It was one of those things that I vowed I would do once I reached adulthood like eating dessert before dinner. Sadly, I haven’t done either one. And I used to think people who had Dixie Cups had lots of money because everybody I knew was poor and we never had Dixie Cups. It is funny how certain things bring back memories.


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