Crafts for Seniors

Senior Crafts
It's important to have a twinkle in your wrinkle. ~Author Unknown

On a mission to find things for my mother to do with the more than ample time she has on her hands, (besides whining).

It’s been hard for us to get use to her new life of less freedom (done driving), less money and hours to fill in a one bedroom apartment. (She likes to live alone)

We bought her a Wii system so she could play golf and tennis.

I doubt if she does. It involves standing up, turning it on and changing the channel.

Talked with mom about joining the world online.  She liked the idea of having a laptop until she started stressing out about turning it on and off and clicking buttons.  A computer may cause more anxiety than it’s worth … we’ll see how it goes.

While eating gigantic blueberry pancakes my mother declared that she wanted to start painting.

Popped online and found a really cool Paint by Number website that offers Paint by Number kits for beginners without color blending.

Looked for Elvis. They didn’t have him so I bought the Peacocks.

Hope it keeps her busy for a few hours. Will take a pic … if and when she finishes:)

Guess I better get on the stick and put together a Senior Mosaic Tile Kit with a base, pre-cut mosaic tile pieces and adhesive that I can test out on mom:)

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Genius and virtue are to be more often found clothed in gray than in peacock bright.

comments are always welcomed ...

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