I’m Blogging Instead of This

vintage housewife
Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success.

Always struggle to prioritize my never ending list.

I work closely with someone who prioritizes extremely well. That’s probably why we work so well together.

After several attempts at emulating his process … I’ve decided that it’s best to minimize the number of things I have to do … like vacuuming, dusting and laundry.

Then we’ll be good to go!

I do the cleaning because someone has to.  Besides his work is so much more demanding than mine. But it’s really not about whose job it is anyways. If I don’t do it then I have to find someone who will.

He’ll say that it’s a threat and he would probably be right.

I had cleaning women, in a past life. They were sisters.

As per usual, I would clean the house from top to bottom, before they even got there. It was crazy.

Those lovely days of coming home to a totally clean house ended the day they came to clean my house wearing two of my favorite tee shirts. Knew they were taking things. My vintage apple slicer disappeared into thin air and that always irked me. I’m over it now.

So weird and stupid.

I hate confrontation and people who steal. Needless to say, we parted ways.

Funny how that came to mind.

Now I can say that I blogged.

Off to vacuum.


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