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But She Can’t Find Her Keys

I forget.The old people warned me and it’s obvious that I didn’t take them very seriously.

No, I cannot read the directions on the back of the glue bottle, without cheaters.

No, I can’t remember where I put my phone, keys, purse or any of the items I hid for safekeeping.

Yes, I forgot what I came in here for.

Unfortunately, I now know what a muffin top is and that wasn’t there yesterday.

It all happened so fast and silly me … I thought I was immune.

Added reclaim my brain to the list and I can do it at Luminosity for FREE!

Thought I would share, before I forgot.


Feeling Like a Dried Prune

bone loss Remember when some marketing genius branded prunes as dried plums?

They didn’t fool me. I knew what they were trying to do and it didn’t change my visual comparison of prunes and wrinkled old people.

Guess I should have given dried plums a chance, it seems that plums/prunes are one the most bone friendly fruits.

Since a woman can lose 20 percent of her bone mass in the 7 years after menopause, that’s good news.

All you have to do is eat 10 prunes daily to slow down bone loss.

Going to create a new mental image of my bones growing stronger, so I don’t gag.

Check it out …

The Fruit That Builds Better Bones | Reader’s Digest