Doin’ it Doogie Style.

Is it possible that Doogie Howser, M.D. was our first glimpse into the world of social media? Sure looks that way to me!

If you owned a computer in 1989, you were able to read along on the personal blog of Doogie Hower, M.D. from 1989-1993. What a brilliant marketing idea!:-)

Mystery of the comma, unsolved.

Working with copy editors, the last year, has given me a new appreciation for those brilliant souls that have absorbed the 21 (the number rule in grammar states that you should use numerals for numbers greater than nine.) punctuation rules of the comma.

To learn something new,

take the path that you took yesterday.  ~John Burroughs I can’t wait to figure out how to share all of our adventures…Will sort through one thousand photos…once I get through my emails:)