Love of Digital Photography

Digital Photo, Cool Photo Crafts and Decoupage Ideas
Digital Photo, Cool Photo Crafts and Decoupage Ideas

Creating beautiful photo collage art or cool decoupage ideas from photo memories is an amazing journey.

It’s been an addiction of mine, since I was very young.

While there are many services online that can help you DIY…it’s the pre-planning and collaboration that helps you build a cool photo collage or decoupage piece that will be enjoyed forever.

We LOVE Squidoo! Check it out!

Creative Photo Projects & Photo Gift Ideas

Easy to follow directions.

There are easy ways to create very cool photo art and there isn’t a better way to celebrate your special event or occasion.

A few simple instructions below to help you creative photo projects and cool photo gift ideas. Step by step:)

Photo Crafts, Photo Gifts and Photo Memories

If you’re not creating a photo collage piece digitally, make high resolution copies of your photos. Start collecting cool papers, ephemera, found objects, trinkets and jewels.It’s now easier, than ever before, to create your own greetings for family and friends.I’ve directed many to the HP website to create photo greeting cards to print out on their own ink jets. It’s an easy platform to use and if you’ve already done the work needed on the photo, you’re set to go. I’ve provided the link below for you to check out.

As an FYI…do a little work on your photo before you upload it to a greeting card template. It will save you time and ink:)

HP Print Studio
Finding a greeting card that completely captures your emotions can be tough. HP Print Studio lets you customize cards with photos and text to ensure the message you send always says exactly what you want to say.
HP Print Studio Home
From greeting cards to business cards
Powered by HP, Print Studio helps you create professional-quality printing projects – for free. Just choose a print-ready project or easy-to-use template and tell the world your story.

Digital Photo Box Collage
Digital Photo Box Collage

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