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The “Simplification Tour” 2012

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When you consider all of the resources available to help simplify your life, you would think it should be a lot easier than it is.

I’m perfectly aware that less is more and remind myself of that everyday!

As an undiagnosed hoarder … no not the dollar store, old food and bug kind … the kind that can’t seem to part with the perfect vessels and nick knacks that I envision for mosaic tile projects of the future.

I could keep this to myself and hide my addiction from the world … but instead I am going to proclaim publically to stay as far away from the thrift stores & glue what I already have.

At least, until the end of February.

Junk: Seemingly useless rubbish which sits around for months and is inevitably disposed of the day before it is needed.

Don’t Miss our Storewide Clearance and Flea Market!

flea market
When women are depressed, they eat or go shopping. Men invade another country. It's a whole different way of thinking. ~Elayne Boosler

Join us on Saturday, June 26th (8am-6pm) and Sunday, June 27th (10am-5pm) for our “first ever”…

Store-wide Clearance & Outdoor Flea Market

225 Water Street Creative Arts is located at ...225 Water Street in Jordan, Minnesota.

Jordan is just 25 minutes south of Minneapolis, on highway 169 south. Take exit 21 into town;) Water Street is 2 blocks past the light…take a right.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Jordan Art Festival will be taking place, that same weekend, so park on an adjacent street as Water Street will be closed.

You won’t believe what you’ll find here.


30% off
Good for in-store purchases only.

Print out the coupon, you’re gonna need it:)