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The Perfect Gift

perfect gift Often wonder why people make such a big deal out of gift giving.

By the time you quit complaining, you could have made something.

Even if you’re not the handmade type, this may inspire you to change your mind.

Absolutely loved Crunchy Betty and her 40 Hot Homemade Gift Ideas for the Man in your Life … relax … you may be here awhile.

Then there is the TIPJUNKIE with Handmade Gift Ideas ... even though it’s the Christmas list…adapt.

and …

I can think of a hundred ways to adapt the “Older Than Dirt” jar for Valentine’s Day!

It’s the thought that counts and I’m pretty sure that means your thoughts.

Think about it:)



Just Picture It

Researching typography and stumbled upon this really cool ransom note generator  … no fuss no muss … could be a great idea for Valentine’s Day

… and who doesn’t want their name or logotype in graffiti-style?  I know I do.

Then there is that burning question of where would I go to make a word cloud?

Need to stop goofing around. Work to do.

Have a great weekend.