Making Mosaics with Found Objects

Artist of Sorts

Writing a book was on the bucket list so when Stackpole Books asked me to write about my art I took on the challenge and became a published author in 2010.

One year, over 11,000 words, 500 shot/edited photos and 16 custom – off the fly – mosaic tile projects later the book was published with a cover I didn’t choose.  Que, sera, sera. Write another one, you big baby.


The book is forever in the Library of Congress and is sold on Amazon, Goodreads and Barnes & Noble, to name a few.  It’s been reviewed by some happy people, who encouraged me to keep gluing, while others posted some really mean reviews that at first made me very sad, then mad and finally really bad for the people who wrote them.

Flipping through the book I could still feel the inexperience, love and courage that went into this artistic challenge … a choice that I made knowing that it would expose my creative soul to a universe that I try to keep small.

Overall, I give the book a B+ … which was always acceptable in my world, especially in math.  The book is good – not great – but I finished it and survived everything that came along with it.  A job well-done.

ABOUT THE BOOK – With hundreds of photos and straightforward, down-to-earth text, this book takes you through the steps for creating a dozen different mosaic tile projects — selecting a base and mosaic tile materials, creating a mosaic tile design, mosaic tile adhesives, cutting techniques, grouting and finishing your project.

The quirky switch place covers, mosaic tiled picture frames, mosaic tile tables, and glass embellished with extraordinary glass designs.

With the easy to follow instructions and mosaic tile supply lists you can create your own unique mosaic tile art with cool found objects. 

Mosaic Tile Book © mara lee

NOW ON VIDEO … I’m gonna give my new DIY Glass Class video an A+ because … I knocked it out in 3 unscripted takes, didn’t cut myself once and Rob wasn’t harmed when he pushed the publish button. Hope you’ll check it out.

Glass Class with Mara Lee on Vimeo

Glass Class



4 thoughts on “Artist of Sorts”

  1. This is something that everyone can enjoy and what a great way to use your creativity with “FOUND, SPECIAL and treasured objects!”

  2. This book is fantastic! The pictures are amazing and the simple how to steps and verbalization make this a can’t wait project!

    I can’t tell you how many times I have broken something special that I wished I had saved for this purpose…

    This is something that everyone can enjoy and what a great way to use your creativity with “FOUND, SPECIAL and treasured objects!”

    Tom and Carly Schommer

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