Dog Pause

“The ideal of calm exists in a pile of towels.”

two dogs and a camera

After all this time, it was hard to choose what to share so … I ended up with the Art of Folding Towels by Charlie.

Blonde dog So Warm.

Dogs Let’s fold these later.

Dogs Seriously.

that was exhausting That was exhausting.

Resting, here. #oldbear #hidave

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Rose Colored Glasses

I wish.

two dogs and a camera

Day 79 – Reboot| I Wish

It fascinates me that humans wish for something and then spend the rest of the time killing the wish.

Some of my wishes had an imaginary expiration date and when they finally did show up – in one form or another – I may have missed or dismissed them entirely.

It might be as simple as being more mindful of what we’re wishing for and let it be just that until it gets here.

“I wish I were a rock,’ he said, and he became a rock.” ― William Steig


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Good Times

Looking back …

two dogs and a camera

Once upon a time, I collaborated on a mosaic tile dog house – to be donated for auction to support the good work at – with the late Eleanor Mondale.

With only 3 weeks to complete – with a weeks notice – a friend of Eleanor’s built the dog house frame and I tiled animal related tschotskes and china to the massive dog house that could fit one of Eleanor’s miniature horses in it.  The finished dog house weighed in at 300 pounds and was sold to the highest bidder.

dog house

Good times.



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gathered & glued

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