Granite and Slate Tile Trials

Started the interior design for the new studio-workshop build and I’ve decided to leave granite and slate behind. Going with porcelain tile and/or ceramic tile in the bathroom and kitchen. Ceramic tile is a little cheaper than porcelain but porcelain tile is denser, stronger, resists moisture and is said to be more stain resistant than ceramic.

Past renovations have confirmed that granite countertops are not my cup of tea. Way to many fingerprints and I bitched and moaned about how dirty the granite always looked even though I wiped them down 20 times a day. There’s no question that I could have picked a lighter granite, but until they offer a fingerprint resistant granite … pass.

I’m privy to the pros and cons of slate tile floors – from the brick and mortar & bungalow renovations and thought I loved it but … the bungalow bathroom has a black slate tile floor that wasn’t sealed – for some reason – and there’s nothing simple about taking care of an unsealed slate floor, especially in a small bathroom. Slate is a flaky, dusty stone, that absorbs moisture and scratches easily. Done and done. Whoosh.

Based on the unsealed black slate tile mistake, sans ripping it out and starting over, I’m getting ready to restore the floor.  First I have to fix a few grout lines that have chipped or discolored. Once the grout dries I’ll scrub the slate by hand, with a soft sponge and soapy bucket of Dawn detergent … followed by a layer of mineral oil with a foam brush.  After that dries – or soaks in – I’ll wipe it down with a soft damp cloth and then foam brush a layer of a color enhancing stone sealer, (every year) to deepen the color and make it easier to clean. It could happen. We’ll see.

Could have been worse. Onward.

“If you know it’s not right, don’t do it.”
― adapted Marcus Aurelius


Worth the Wait

The e-commerce site is taking shape and even though I haven’t officially launched it yet, it’s published and we’re starting to see visitors from all over the world – we’ve even sold a few things. Thank you, shoppers! 

So excited to re-direct my focus on simple things like adding a new listing everyday, creating a new blog post each week and publishing a monthly newsletter for subscribers.

It’s a good day!






Imagining a Mosaic Tile Pedestal

When the art appears in my mind, I glue it down.

No, I don’t know why – or how – it just happens.

Mosaic Tile Pedestal
Blast from the Past

It helps to have a variety of fun things to add.

Mosaic Tile Pedestal
Blast from the Past – Carpe Diem Mosaic Tile Pedestal

And … if I play with the pieces long enough, it becomes a real thing.

Mosaic Tile Pedestal
Blast from the Past – Carpe Diem Mosaic Tile Pedestal

Carpe Diem. 🙂

Mosaic Tile Pedestal
Blast from the Past – Carpe Diem Mosaic Tile Pedestal – Hi Dave!