glass-on-glass window © mara lee

Through the Looking Glass

The vintage window was a gift from my sister friend, Tilly Evan Jones … it sat around for a couple of years waiting and wanting. Finally glued a bunch of my vintage glass collection to it.

All you need is a sturdy window (or frame) with good glass, wheeled glass nippers, small hammer, hand towel, safety glasses, random glass objects and e6000 adhesive.  This project must be glued in a well ventilated area … without the kids and pets.


Break glass dishes under a dish towel with a small hammer and gentle hand or use wheeled glass nippers to break up glass objects.

FYI … There are glass plates that will shatter into a BAZILLION PIECES without warning so … don’t be … going to use the word stupid – because it really is … ALWAYS WEAR SAFETY GLASSES when cutting glass or tile and do a different project with the kids.

glass-on-glass window © mara lee


7 thoughts on “Through the Looking Glass”

  1. I just found you! Lucky me. I have been wanting to make a door like this for some time. In fact, I’ve replaced all the doors in the house with library pane doors and have a goal of doing each one as a different work of art. I think I’m just afraid to jump in. Your comments have been helpful and encouraging. I was going to float 2-part epoxy over the glass to keep edges of broken glass pieces from being sharp. Have you done that or considered it? If so, what kind do you use? And, yes, I agree about E-6000. Good stuff!

    1. Hi Ruth,
      Used epoxy once but was to time consuming for me;) just broke or cut the glass, laid the design out and then glued it. Cut away sharp edges with a glass nipper and since I didn’t have to grout it I didn’t worry to much … besides people of all ages just gaze at it and have never attempted to touch it so I’ve STUCK with my gluing only process … JUMP IN THE WATER’S GREAT! Thanks for stopping!

      1. Your work is wonderful what glue do you use i am like ruth wanting to jump in but not sure but after seeing what you do i may try.

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