Glass on Glass Vintage Window Project #2

Found this 10-panel vintage window in Orange, California and was grateful that it survived the trip back to the Midwest. It’s a big window at 5′ feet x 2′ feet and took quite a bite out of my vintage glass collection. When I select vintage windows for glass on glass window projects, I look for a really sturdy window frame with good, hopefully heavier glass that doesn’t wiggle .. not even a little bit. This window was very sturdy, the glass was awesome and it had really cool hinges that I left alone.

I used E6000 Clear Adhesive to glue the glass to the glass, in a well ventilated room, and used a wheeled tile cutter to cut smaller pieces of glass, while wearing safety glasses with a first aid kit near by.  Safety First – Always wear safety glasses when breaking or cutting random glass dishes, cups and/or glass objects. Depending on the type of glass they can and some will shatter in a bazillion pieces … maybe more. Be careful. • art • vintage • design

This window was probably hung the wide way over an old store front somewhere.

First, I cleaned the entire window with a vinegar & water mixture and let it dry. Started to cut the glass pieces for fill in and laid out a first pass design. Made the decision to not glue it down during the design. Shoulda. • art • vintage • design

You don't find inspiration. It finds you.

The universe is very good to me and next time … I’m going to call all my angels and trust myself to glue the glass pieces on my first pass.

Perfect first pass and not a single piece glued.
Perfect first pass and not a single piece glued.

Glass on Glass – 10 Panes – Private Collection • art • vintage • design

glass on glass
10 panes © mara lee

8 thoughts on “Glass on Glass Vintage Window Project #2”

  1. what glue did you use?I’ve had glass crack after I glued pieces on. I think the glue may have something to do with it?

    1. Hi Barb, So sorry for the delay … we’ve been moving and unplugged;) I use E6000 clear adhesive and haven’t had the window glass crack before. However, there have been times when I replaced the thin glass found in vintage windows just for that reason. 😉

  2. My friends and I did this project last Thursday 7-2-15. I used a clear 6000 tube of glue, it was white when I put my project together but 3 days later and the glue is still partly white. Have you ever had this happen to you, when the glue doesn’t dry clear as its supposed to?

    1. Sorry for the delay, Marilyn. If it was white and not clear, when you glued on the glass then … it was unfortunately white E6000. 😦 They call their white E6000 glue Blanco and almost made the same mistake once. 🙂

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