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Glass Class

Months later … okay almost a year … nevertheless … along with my biggest fan and brain-trust RJ … we finally finished my “Glass on Glass” instructional video class. In this class, I’ll show you how to create a Glass on Glass vintage window of your very own!

Available on Vimeo @

Creating the instructional video was much easier and more fun than writing my book … I think we’ll do another!

What book you ask? … it was a few years back (OMG 11 years ) when I was contacted by a publisher to write a book about my found object and pique-assiette mosaic tile artwork. It took almost a year to write and photograph, was a great experience and a ton of work … the next time I write a book – if there is one – I’m gonna make sure that I get to name the book and choose the cover image. I’m mostly over it. Sort of.

Anyway … the book is forever in the Library of Congress and is sold on Amazon, Goodreads and Barnes & Noble, to name a few.  It’s been reviewed by some happy people, who encouraged me to keep gluing, while others posted some really mean reviews that at first made me very sad, then mad and then finally really bad for the people who wrote them.

  • Vintage Window glass-mosaic
  • Vintage Window Glass on Glass Mosaic
  • glass on glass artwork

Overall, I gave the book a B+ … which was always acceptable in my world, especially in math.  The book is good, not great but I finished it and survived everything that came along with it like … the realization that I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and gosh darn it a few people liked it.

All I know is … I did the very best I could and will continue to pat myself on the back for a job well-done on both fronts.

Going to give my new DIY Glass on Glass video an A+ … mostly for not giving up on it and not getting mad when RJ pushed the publish button.

Hope you’ll check it out.

Glass Class with Mara Lee is now available on Vimeo @

Glass on Glass 10 Pane

A 10-panel vintage window from Orange, California that survived the trip back to the Midwest. Pretty big window measuring 5′ feet x 2′ feet … which meant taking a bite out of my vintage glass collection.

The vintage windows desired for this art form should be sturdy with a thicker glass that doesn’t wiggle or show separation (rotting)  from the frame … not even a little bit.

I use E6000 Clear Adhesive to glue the glass to the glass, in a well ventilated room, with a wheeled tile cutter, a small hammer – on a sturdy surface – wearing safety glasses with a first aid kit near by … but not children or pets.  Safety First – Always wear safety glasses when breaking or cutting random glass dishes, cups and/or glass objects. Depending on the type of glass they can and some will shatter in a bazillion pieces … maybe more. Be careful. • art • vintage • design

This window was probably hung the wide way over an old store front somewhere.

Clean the window with a vinegar & water mixture – a couple of times – and let it dry.  Glue glass pieces into place filling in with cut glass pieces, clear glass gems, marbles and the like … • art • vintage • design

You don't find inspiration. It finds you.

Work in a well ventilated area.

Perfect first pass and not a single piece glued.
Perfect first pass and not a single piece glued.

Glass on Glass – 10 Panes – Private Collection • art • vintage • design

glass on glass
10 panes © mara lee

circle before landing

glass art
shedding a light on broken glass


peek hole

playing the circle photo challenge