giant glass explosion …

The antique cupboard is loaded to the brim (4 full shelves full) of vintage glass objects waiting and wanting.

My goal was three glass on glass windows by month’s end.

Using up some of my vintage glass.

Kind of like a puzzle ... only there isn't really a right way to do it.

Glass on Glass Project

Glass on Glass Art Project Disclaimer: Try not to cut yourself, always wear safety glasses and pick a different project to do with the kids.

all rights reserved copyright © mara lee – please do not copy, distribute, duplicate or create derivative works using my original designs and photography. thank you very much!


10 thoughts on “giant glass explosion …”

  1. I Love your work! I have an old window and want to do a glass on glass project with it. What glue do I use? Did you just use any glass pieces like dishes and ash trays etc.? How did you get the small broken pieces?


    1. Thank you so much, Eileen. Sorry for the delay … we were moving and I was literally off the grid for 2 weeks … so surreal;)
      I use E6000 clear adhesive and the glass pieces are from a variety of glass plates, dishes and objects. I TAP glass plates and objects under a towel – first -using a small hammer – then I use a cutting tool to adjust the size of the glass to be glued as needed. #wearsafetyglasses:)-


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