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Little House in the Forest

The property came with a tiny 1950-ish bungalow – left for dead. It’s amazing to me that two brave souls raised 5 kids in this place, all 1000 square feet of it. 😉

You could taste the memories of  cooking wild game and fish – without a vented stove – pretty sure, since its existence – which meant that we would have to strip it to the studs.

Wasn’t part of the plan, or was it?


Guess it was.

Cottage Renovation




HappyRenovation has forced me to practice the art of letting go.

Purging possessions is so odd … sometimes you can just release and relinquish … no problem …

… then there are those times when you just can’t imagine your life without that thing.

Silly … really.

Consigned to a couple of antique stores … donated a ton of clothes, shoes and bric-a-brac to a local Thrift Store,  got Rob to get rid of his pathetic desk chair that someone actually wanted … and what would the day be without a trip to the Goodwill donation drop-off.  Ahhhhhhhhhh! Feel thinner already!

Something very attractive about minimalism.

Have a great weekend!