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road blocks and round abouts

after learning how to ship odd-shaped items, to faraway places, by way of Etsy and not losing money, I thought it might be fun to build an online store and sell off my collections … skip ahead hundreds of hours, thinking all systems are go and the infamous one little thing shows up to block a spectacular finish.  it’s all good … I consider that bump in the road as good luck for what’s to come. eventually.

one way or another, it always works out and I only have 110 people ahead of me in line. 🙂

wait for it © mara lee

Extraordinary Messengers

butterfly kisses
May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun And find your shoulder to light on, To bring you luck, happiness and riches Today, tomorrow and beyond. ~Irish Blessing

Every once in a while we have an experience that is so rare and out of the ordinary that we have to step back and wonder what we are supposed to learn from it.

As of late, I have experienced not one, but five extraordinary events. What puzzles me is that every single one happened in exactly the same place, on a different day, in the side yard of our building.

The first encounter happened about a month ago, in the early morning, while I was waiting for our puppy to do his business.  Lo and behold, a pure white hummingbird joined us in the garden. At first, I thought it was a dragonfly but realized I was mistaken when it started feasting on the flora and then to my amazement he stopped his flight to sit quietly on one of the beanpoles, right in front of me. What surprised me was that the visit lasted well over a minute’s time, even though I actually moved closer to get a better look at this amazing creatures brilliant pink eyes.  Of course, an experience of this nature will cause you to seek out more information regarding the event. From what I’ve read, it’s quite a rare occurrence to see a solid white hummingbird with pink eyes, especially in North America.

To this day, I really believe that this visit was a little white blessing of good things to come.

What more could a girl ask for? Beautiful blessings abound!

Well …

Over the last 3 weeks, (with the last one just happening an hour ago) I have had 4 different species of butterflies land on me, while I’ve been tending to the dog. The coolest part of every encounter was that they all stayed put on my shoulder, arm or hip until I gave them a gentle nudge to move on.

I am so very grateful that I can share my feeling about these extraordinary events.

Quite simply… the universe is always sending blessings our way, sometimes we just need to stand still long enough to experience them.

The truth is, no matter what your life story … we are never alone and all is good in the world!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.