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If I Can’t See Them, They Must Not Be There

Since the washer/dryer was moved from the basement to the top floor over a year ago … there really is no good reason for me to go down there . 

This photo is proof positive that all of these holiday decorations still exist in the far corners of this 150 year old basement.  Place scary boogie man run up the stairs visual here … if you claim to have outgrown running … and or tripping … up the basement stairs … I don’t believe you. 

Christmas Window Display

Taking the stand that if I can’t see the boxes and boxes of decorations, then they must not be there. I guess the kids will have to go down there and sort it out when I’m gone.

 Why this mantra does not pertain to the boogie man slash spirits that reside in this building … I’ll never know but … I bet my dogs do.  Maybe I should call Theresa Caputo and have her talk with them 😉

Please Save Us!

In the meantime …  I’m hopping in the car to buy fresh.

Unless you want to go down there … I’ll supervise from up here.