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Long Time No See



Post Holiday Reflection

peaceCouldn’t come up with my own words, without venting  … so I’ll just use these instead.

“It’s a shame that we humans are never able to pull in the same direction . . . [n]ot even when confronted by infinity.” ― Gentry Lee, Rama II

Start the Resolutions Without Me

May all your troubles last as long as your New Year's resolutions. ~Joey Adams

Sick of being reminded of the resolutions that have remained on my list, since 1970.

Guess the only thing left to do is finish that list and move on.

Instead of beating myself up for the same things that remain undone … I’m going to concentrate on the amazing things that I did resolve to do and have since completed.

Besides, it can’t be healthy to remind yourself that you haven’t lost weight … in fact you probably gained weight since the last time you wrote it down.

Not the way I want to start the New Year.


The Gift of Giving

There’s something very wrong with giving the same old standby gift every year … that’s how my mother ended up with 156 elephant statues, with their trunks up for good luck and 58 of those little shoes you buy at the card store.

I’ve been on a quest to buy handmade gifts and it made me realize how much access we have to so many talented and creative people.

The best part of purchasing a gift from a small business (whatever the gift may be) is that I’m really giving two gifts and that makes me feel really good!

I have a shop on Etsy and have found myself spending more time there. Such a fun place filled with amazingly talented people … that are so lovely to work with!

Last but certainly not least … while I don’t know many of my blog visitors personally … I do want to THANK YOU for stopping by and at times … letting me know that you did!

crash glass
Each day comes bearing its own gifts. Untie the ribbons. ~Ruth Ann Schabacker