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Clutter Dust

The polar vortex  taught me that a little house with to much stuff, mixed with dog hair, firewood crumbs and an overworked fireplace cannot and will not stand, man.

Stuff needs to be off the floor, easy to move and quick to dust or what’s the point?

I will prevail … once it warms up.  :)D

Clutter Dust
seriously | photographer unknown

Vintage Soda Bottles or as Dad said, Vintage Pop Bottles

If you told me a year ago that I would part with my vintage soda bottles … crazy talk … that was then, this is now, no turning back. Sell, sell, sell …

Just listed a really great set of 3 vintage Nesbitt’s Soda Bottles that I’ve been schlepping  around for years … done and done. On Sale Now! Shop …