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Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Custom Ceramic Tile The elation of selling one of my mosaic tile pieces is always followed by a little sadness.

Strange but true.

While packing a few pieces for shipping, I once again had to reassure myself that these pieces are going to a good home where they will be loved.

Seems silly as I write this … they’re just random bits and pieces with my soul attached … no biggie.

I could try to make an exact copy of the piece … one for me and one for you … but I never have and I probably never will.

Besides … you can’t have everything … where would you put it?

Off to the post and grateful that I’m not a dog breeder:)

Happy Monday!

Anticipation, anticipation.

Our blog is inching towards 20,000 visitors!

Still a small fish, in a very large pond, but hey, we’re doing the work!

We are so grateful for all of the well wishers, supportive comments and even those annoying people that think we need Viagra:)

A celebration is truly in order… so we are posting a fun little giveaway to mark the occasion!

With that being said…our 20,000th visitor will win a FREE Mosaic Tile Class (3hrs) your project or mine…or if you can’t make it to a mosaic tile class in Jordan, Minnesota…you’ll win our “NEW” Mosaic Tile book, once it’s available. Hopefully, late fall!

To qualify the winning visitor must comment to qualify…if the winner doesn’t comment…someone you has commented, along the way,  will be chosen at random to win!

Good luck!