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Survivors and Casualties

The mosaic tile mirrors are still wrapped and since there is nowhere to hang them I’m going to pretend that they look exactly as they did when I packed them a year ago.  It is, what it is – at least I took photos. 😉

Lady and the Tramp Mosaic Tile Dog Mirror
Lady and the Tramp – Mosaic Tile Dog Mirror ’08
Mosaic Tile Bird Mirror
found object art
Matilda’s Birdland Work in Progress
Matilda’s Birdland
mosaic tile mirror
Matilda’s Birdland
Mosaic Tile Mirror
Matilda’s Birdland

Unfortunately, a mosaic tile pitcher didn’t survive the move but the photos of it did so there’s that.

Mosaic Tile Ideas
“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw
mosiac tile pitcher
It was a good one

“How wonderful! How wonderful! All things are perfect, exactly as they are.” ― Buddha

Great looking pics in two clicks, thanks to PicMonkey's photo editing tools


Wait for it … wait for it …

The thrift store mirror just sat there (like many of my found objects) but this piece was like having a thousand pound elephant in the room and it taunted me. I suppose I could of hung it up but that would have meant attaching a really strong wire to the back and I never saw that item make the list.

After moving it onto the tile table (and off again) a dozen times, I surrendered to the zero inspiration but hope.  At least I hadn’t broken it yet.

Then two dear friends coaxed me along by gifting me broken remains of their lives … Terri, a one armed porcelain figurine of a woman (Matilda) and Tilly, a box full of heirloom birds that flew out of her hands during a move. Amazed how that inspired me to let go of the death grip that I had on my sacred box of porcelain flowers.

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The pieces magically (as they always do) found their place onto the border and were given 9 months to dry:)

Made a pact with myself that this piece needed to be grouted and hung before Thanksgiving 2011.

Decided on charcoal grout, instead of something much lighter. Prayed about my choice.

Took a handful of the black mud and pressed it into way, way, way to many places to turn back.  Needed a second to compose myself after immediately getting that sick “OMG I picked the wrong grout color!”

Kept telling myself to just “Keep Calm & Carry On.”

Five hours, a roll of paper towel, box of Q-Tips and 250 pounds later (not me the mirror🙂 …

“Paint the frame black” chimed in from the peanut gallery … appreciated the final collaboration that included the much needed help in moving this beast to its rest stop.

Love the standing back part …

mosaic tile mirror
yes ... I could have taken a better picture but this post has overstayed its welcome.

Loving Tuesday!