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Looking Back

It actually surprised me when I realized how many things I created in 2013.  Here are a few mosaic tile pieces from my mosaic tile light switch cover and mosaic tile incense burner phase.

Some pieces have already sold but there’s always more at the Etsy Store.

Glass on glass tomorrow!

Happy New Year!


The Big Kitchen Renovation of 2012

After a year of historic renovation, the dust still settles everyday it’s just less.

Not for the faint at heart;)-

The kitchen has to one of my favorite rooms … there was so much riding on it.  Read more ….

Blessings to our band of brothers @ Tom Barsness Construction … you guys rock!

Four brothers and each of them with a different area of expertise. Amazing craftsman!

Did what they said they were going to do only better! Over the Top!

Wait until you see the deck!

Remembered to take Before Photos!
Remembered to take Before Photos!

Setting Up Shop

If someone had asked me how many mosaic tile supplies there are in my studio, my answer would have been 2 maybe 300 variations of tile and glass.

Well, our Etsy shop just reached our 100th item (whew!) and I haven’t even nicked the surface.

I’m finding that the most difficult thing about posting on Etsy is going through the motions to post an item only to realize that I’m not ready to part with it.



Did someone say pieces?
Did someone say pieces?

Do You Have Any Fairies Lying Around?

That was an actual question that was posed to me this past week.

Scary thing is … I think I do have a fairy or two lying around …

I just can’t find the little buggers … they must be hiding;) Fairies do that, you know.


So, Alice … the fairies are indisposed but I do have a colony of plastic rabbits, drive thru plastic toys and the Three Stooges minus Moe … maybe he’s with the fairies.

I’ll keep looking!

More Than Slightly aMused

Sigmund Freud
The aim of psychoanalysis is to relieve people of their neurotic unhappiness so that they can be normally unhappy. ~Sigmund Freud, attributed

Going through blog archives and realized how proud and grateful I am.

So many life experiences, over the last 3 years, and I’m still here to talk about it.

Seems that I have conquered the final hurdle of wondering whether people like me or not.

You either do or you don’t.

If sharing my journey alters your choice to buy what I’m selling, we should both be grateful.

I’m just a girl sharing random thoughts.

I have my health, kids, a home, a dog, a job, lists, people that love me and people that don’t.

Decided that my favorite part of blogging is having the journal I always claimed I would keep.

Turns out that it’s really cheap therapy.