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Looking Back

Here are a few mosaic tile light switch covers and incense burners from a year long phase.

Some pieces have sold, while others are sold on simply-sugar.com

Glass on glass tomorrow!

Happy New Year!


The Big Kitchen Renovation of 2012

After a year of historic renovation, the dust still sets, just less.

There was so much riding on the kitchen …  Not for the faint at heart;)-  there’s more ….  Wait until you see the deck!

Remembered to take Before Photos!
Remembered to take Before Photos!

Setting Up Shop

If someone had asked me how many mosaic tile supplies there are in my studio, my answer would have been 2 maybe 300 variations of tile and glass.

Well, our Etsy shop just reached our 100th item (whew!) and I haven’t even nicked the surface.

I’m finding that the most difficult thing about posting on Etsy is going through the motions to post an item only to realize that I’m not ready to part with it.



Did someone say pieces?
Did someone say pieces?