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The Best Glue for the Job

The Best Glue for Glass and Tile

Top 3 Adhesives for Glass and Mosaic Tile

Best Glue for Glass

1. “Clear” E-6000 is a my adhesive of choice for glass on glass projects and with all toxic adhesives, make sure to work in a well ventilated area.


Apply E-6000 directly to each piece of glass to be bonded.

SAFETY FIRST: You can never predict what glass will do when you cut it.  If you glue glass with E6000 and let it set up … well … when it’s stuck – it’s really stuck or really stringy and messy and … it would be foolish to try and remove the glass from glass once it’s set up or dried.

P.S. Always wear safety glasses when cutting glass.

SPECIAL TIPS: To extend life of product, be sure cap is secured back to original position. Use a toothpick as a disposable applicator for very small applications such as beading. Remove, recap and allow plastic nozzle to dry. Remove dried product from nozzle by pulling out through threaded end and reuse nozzle.

2. Weldbond Adhesive for Mosaic Tile and some Glass projects.

Best Glue for Tile Projects and some Glass

  1. Non-toxic.
  2. No smell.
  3. Great for projects with kids.
  4. Dries clear … in most circumstances.
  5. Easy to move and remove mistakes.


Weldbond says this about their wonder glue …. A unique product, WELDBOND is more than an adhesive. It’s also a powerful universal primer for porous surfaces. It’s a weather-proofer, dust-proofer, hardener, and bonding agent. Just mix WELDBOND with sawdust, grout, cement or plaster and be amazed at the tremendous strength this product! Non-toxic and dries clear making it a perfect adhesive to use when crafting with kids. Dries to a clear, flexible bond.
Consider this when using Weldbond …
#1 – Excess puddles of Weldbond glue on glass may not dry clear and if it doesn’t dry clean in 24 hours then it probably won’t.
#2 – Try brushing Weldbond onto the glass pieces with your finger or paintbrush and secure them to the glass with a little wiggle. It may help to have the glue dry clear.
#3 –  Weldbond gives you have a fighting chance of prying dried pieces of shards off.  Try to wiggle it off with gloved hands and safety glasses.

and then there’s Mastic

… available at home improvement & tile shops.

Mastic is a non-slip high performance, smooth spreading mortar formulated for interior installation of all types of ceramic wall & floor tile.
Mastic keeps things from slipping … especially good for terracotta, concrete, back-splashes and larger projects!
Don’t forget to clean up excess mastic around the edges.

Gluing takes patience.

I know you want to get’r done but in the end …. you’ll be thankful that you waited until it dried. Trust me.

Mosaic Tile Mirror Project

Thanks for sticking around!

When in doubt…

read the directions.

The Best Glue for Glass

All gung-ho to start the next glass on glass vintage window project and didn’t have any clear e6000 adhesive … have tried Weldbond, Liquid Nails and Lexel … BIG NOPE

all rights reserved © 2013 Mara Lee
all rights reserved © 2013 Mara Lee

Since most of the box stores, hardware stores, Michael’s, Target and Walmart carry Clear e6000 adhesive it’s pretty easy to find … just make sure you buy the clear.


Found the adhesive, I’ve got glass and all the pieces fell into place quite nicely.

Just lovely, don’t you think?


On to the next thing …
Great looking pics in two clicks, thanks to PicMonkey's photo editing tools

Great looking pics in two clicks, thanks to PicMonkey's photo editing tools

How To Mosaic Tile Revisited

Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler. – Albert Einstein

Basic instruction for indoor mosaic tile construction:

  • Cut pieces to size – wear safety glasses.
  • Glue pieces to the a prepared surface like this one with Mastic (it’s not concrete)
  • Let the glued pieces dry for at least 24 hours
  • Prepare grout according to instructions – put on gloves
  • Grout the piece filling in all the gaps but avoiding delicate objects
  • Then clean off the wet grout until it’s shiny
  • Dispose of unused grout properly … meaning NOT DOWN THE DRAIN – you’ll be sorry.
  • Let the cleaned piece dry for another 24 hours and polish with a soft cloth as needed
  • Seal with grout sealer found at any tile or home improvement store