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If it were that simple …

It was fun going through the first trailer load of storage locker stuff. The second trailer load was less fun.  OMG. The third trailer load was exhausting and we’re only 1/4 of the way there. OMG.

Try to remind myself of the surprises in every box … and there are … like finding – a much more extensive than I recall – vintage dial telephone collection – soon to be posted for sale.  Did I say, OMG!? vintage-telephonesSo far, so good with my intention to list one item for sale each day on our Etsy Shop …   I just posted a Sunny Sky vintage soda pop bottle with the original vintage bottle cap at the shop.  

vintage-soda-pop-bottlesIt’s the little things … I can’t care if the end of this purge takes a lot longer than I’d like it to … what really matters is that I’ve gotten to admire an empty trailer bed 3 times!  Woo Hoo! Gold Star!